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A Claim?

Dial immediately 1 866-SOS-3339

If you need to make a claim, please dial immediately 1 866-SOS-3339 (1.866.767.3339). It is a toll free, 24 hour emergency number, valid throughout Canada and the US. An agent will inform you on the steps to take.

If you are victim of a hit and run, you must absolutely get a police statement within 24 hours or else the insurer will consider you responsible for the incident.

A Little Advice

Keep a joint report of automobile accident at hand and be reminded that it is not a declaration of your responsibility for an accident.

In case of a claim, this key document is an undeniable help because it identifies both parties. It can also accelerate the compensation process, especially when it is accompanied by a police statement that we strongly suggest you get within 24 hours following the accident.