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Travel Insurance – A Necessity

Choosing the right travel insurance is essential to travel without worries. Indeed, in the event of an accident or sickness, medical fees can be outrageous and are not necessarily covered by:

  • Your public health care provider
  • Your credit card insurance
  • Your employee insurance coverage

Also, if you travel by plane, train, bus or boat, you are exposed to delays, cancellations and/or loss of baggage. It is important to prepare and protect yourself against these risks.

Lareau offers a travel insurance package that protects you against:

  • All risks of sickness or accident
  • Cancellations or baggage loss

Each travel insurance policy differs depending on age, medical history and other factors. Travellers under 55 years of age do not have to fill a medical form to be insured.

We recommend you start planning early for your next trip, especially if a medical file is required.

To know more about our travel insurance, contact one of our agents at 1 877-853-2475.